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As a predominately Buddhist country, Thailand has numerous Buddhist temples dating back nearly 1,000 years. Temples built in the early kingdoms periods have distinctive styles from various cultural influences, including the Lan Na and Burmese temples of Chiang Mai and the Hindu temples of the Angkorian Empire. Aside from historical temples however, there are numerous contemporary temples throughout Thailand that are functioning places of worship and are equally beautiful.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is located in Pratu Chai subdistrict, Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya district, Ayutthaya province. The temple is not only a significant historical site, but also considered as the spiritual center of Thais...

Wat Thammikarat

  Wat Dhammikaraj is located on the east of the ancient palace. Being built before the foundation of Ayutthaya, the royal temple of the Maha Nikai demonization was initially named Wat Mukaraj. When King Sai Nam Phu...

Wat Ratchaburana (Ayutthaya)

Wat Ratchaburana is at the foot of Paa Than bridge in Tha Wasukri subdistrict, Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya (Krung Kao) district, Ayutthaya province. It is located north of Wat Mahathat and stands only a short distance away...

Wat Phra Mahathat

Wat Mahathat is located west of Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, at the foot of Paa Than bridge. According to some historical records, the temple was built during the reign of Somdet Phra Borom Rachathirat I. Later Somdet Phra Ram...

Wat Phra Ram

 In addition to a significant historical site, Wat Phra Ram is commonly known among Ayutthaya residents as a recreational area. There is a large-scale swamp located in front of the temple. It is named Bung Phra Ram ...